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  • The SSD Plan

    Annemarie's Health The SSD Plan

    NOW with the latest Annemarie's Health Magazine gift 35,000 copies already sold! The book for anyone with obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, menopausal complaints or who for any other reason wants to learn to switch to a plant-based diet. Annemarie: "Plant-based nutrition is the way to prevent, reduce or reverse inflammation-related conditions." EASY WEIGHT LOSS. MORE ENERGY. LESS MEDICATION! Including 21 day eating plan and extensive weekly menus! Get to know the scientifically proven success formula and reverse your type 2 diabetes in a short time! Why is a plant-based diet the most effective against diabetes? Why carbohydrates and fewer fats? How do you start? What do you eat or not eat? What are easy and tasty recipes to make? Founder and editor-in-chief of Annemarie's Health Magazine , whole food plant-based nutrition expert and senior expert Annemarie de Vries-Postma (aka β€œThe Sitting Chef”), and rehabilitation and lifestyle doctor Dr. Kees Hein Woldendorp use nutrition and lifestyle as medicine on a daily basis. the clinic that Annemarie founded The Lifestyle Docs Clinics. In their bestseller The SSD Plan (the sequel to their first joint book The Sit Smart Dieet ) they show why a plant-based diet is the most effective for losing weight quickly and sustainably and becoming permanently healthier. They show the latest scientific insights and what exactly the relationship is between meat, dairy and diabetes (and other inflammatory diseases). The SSD Plan ensures: β€’ 2x as much weight loss as traditional diabetes diets β€’ Significant reduction in visceral fat β€’ Major increase in insulin sensitivity β€’ 78% reduced risk of diabetes Give your body a chance! Take the time for yourself and give your body the chance. Just 3 weeks can break your eating habits and create new healthy habits, revolutionizing your health. In the coming weeks you will be truly amazed and see and feel positive changes. Discover new foods, dishes and habits that work for you. You can combine all dishes as desired – breakfast for lunch, lunch for dinner. Snacks are suggestions, choose what feels right for you. Look forward to this adventure, because becoming truly healthy starts today! Every day is a new opportunity to choose change and take the path to a better, healthier, more radiant version of yourself. Menopausal complaints? What you eat is the most important decision you make every day for your health. And when it comes to menopausal complaints, that is certainly the case - although you still hear or read little or nothing about it. Anyone who follows Annemarie on Instagram ( @annemaries_health ) knows that she regularly writes about the incredible impact of the right diet on complaints such as hot flashes, poor sleep and night sweats. Did you know that our gut microbiome (formerly called "gut flora") plays a key role in reducing these common menopausal symptoms? So the question is: how do we get those intestines in top shape? The answer is: with plant-based eating! The fibers and antioxidants are a benefit to your intestinal flora and reduce inflammation. πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Did you know that hot flashes and night sweats are often related to inflammatory reactions in the body? And that an unbalanced intestinal flora can lead to chronic, low-grade (also known as β€œsilent”) inflammation that can worsen the frequency and intensity of hot flashes and night sweats? The SSD Plan is the easiest way to switch to a plant-based diet and is packed with the most delicious recipes from Annemarie's own kitchen. Simple plant-based kickstart The book contains a plant-based KICKSTART of 3 weeks, with a detailed daily eating plan, including snacks, a handy nutrition guide and the β€œSSD Food Disc". So are you struggling with menopausal complaints? Then don't wait any longer and treat yourself to better sleep quality, fewer hot flashes, less night sweats and waking up, lying down, a more stable mood, more energy and a zest for life again!


  • Sale -4% Handbook of Lifestyle Medicine

    Annemarie's Health Handbook of Lifestyle Medicine

    Lifestyle medicine is developing rapidly. According to the most recent insights, 70-80% of our medical consumption can be reduced thanks to responsible lifestyle interventions. An attractive prospect for the (prospective) patient, the health care sector and the government! But how do you handle this? The Lifestyle Medicine Handbook is the first Dutch-language handbook (2016) with an up-to-date overview of the state of affairs in the field of lifestyle medicine. It is based on the most recent scientific findings in the field of behavior change, nutrition and exercise. In addition to a description of the theoretical and scientific insights, this handbook also contains chapters on the concrete interpretation of how Combined Lifestyle Interventions (GLI) can be designed, the state-of-the-art lifestyle intervention GLI-TOTAL, and also guidelines for the desired approach to GLI in the Netherlands, through the division of lifestyle medicine into 4 GLI levels. The Lifestyle Medicine Handbook is aimed at healthcare providers, health insurers, policymakers in the Dutch healthcare sector, as well as other government agencies that want to work on improving the general health situation of the Dutch population and that consider disease prevention to be of paramount importance. The book offers an inspiring basis for doctors, lifestyle coaches, therapists, psychologists and others who want to gain knowledge about Lifestyle Medicine. In addition, it is useful for people in policy positions, education and for scientific research in the field of Lifestyle Medicine. The international orientation of the writers in the field of lifestyle medicine means that this handbook (also internationally) occupies a pioneering position. β€’ Guidelines and practical tools for your clinic β€’ Effective communication techniques β€’ Effective weight and diabetes management strategies β€’ Inspiring patient success stories β€’ Detailed nutrition plan


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