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  • Annemarie's Health | Toxic relaties-nummer

    Annemarie's Health Annemarie's Health | Toxic relaties-nummer

    In this edition: Annemarie about Konenki: the Japanese approach to menopause, why is it so special and what can we learn from it? Toxic People: How do you recognize toxic relationships and how do you deal with them? Severe muscle pain during menopause? Magnesium offers a solution! Bring on that strong jawline! The most wanted package at cosmetic clinics at the moment: chin and jawline filler. Why is that? And how did it work out for Annemarie herself? Happy intestines, happy YOU! Discover the importance of a healthy gut microbiome during menopause. Eat your way through menopause. 4 nutrition hacks that are proven to work. The Brain-Intestinal Axis: the invisible interplay between your brain and stomach. Castor Oil: A Treasure Chest of Hair, Skin and Health Benefits! Shopping in Annemarie's style: discover Annemarie's taste in food, fashion and more. Belly fat accelerates aging: 6 reasons why visceral fat accelerates aging. How do you reduce visceral fat? These 8 strategies from lifestyle doctor Dr. Kees Hein Woldendorp offer a solution! Chia seeds: small, powerful & hip (+ recipe Annemarie's favorite chia seed pudding). Annemarie's 7 best tips for a less intense menopause. Soy: myths & facts. Soy power: why soy is your ally in menopause. Soy, style, taste: Annemarie's best recipes.


  • Annemarie's Health - 3 | Fall 2023

    Annemarie's Health Annemarie's Health - 3 | Fall 2023

    The theme of this song is tiredness and exhaustion and why learning to set healthy boundaries is so crucial to feeling light and energetic again. The topics covered are: 🌿 Selfcare: find the balance between self-care and care for others. 🚧 Saying no: discover the power of setting boundaries. 👋 Bye bye, people pleasing: learn how to stop always wanting to please others. 🤔 Discover why pleasing arises and why it is unhealthy and how you can unlearn it. In this edition of Annemarie's Health we also dive deep into the topic of 'hidden obesity' and discover why your body composition reveals much more than just your weight. We also share Annemarie's favorite vegan curry recipes, her best advice for combating exhaustion and fatigue, and we take you into her experience with the mysterious 'Vampire facial.' All this and much more, packed with valuable insights and tips for a healthier and happier life!


  • Annemarie's Health - 2 | Spring 2023

    Annemarie's Health Annemarie's Health - 2 | Spring 2023

    Annemarie's Health has been completely renewed! New design Thicker! New, regular features: Travel, Heart & Soul, Beauty, Annemarie's hotspots Completely in the atmosphere and style of Annemarie's books Follow Annemarie's Health now also on Instagram: @annemarieshealthnl In this edition: ANNEMARIE'S HEART & SOUL The magic of manifesting Learn to manifest in 4 steps ANNEMARIE'S CHOICE Shopping in the style of Annemarie ANNEMARIE'S TRAVEL Oman: A real bucket list destination ANNEMARIE'S TIPS 6 Simple tips that will transform your life ANNEMARIE'S BEAUTY Foxy eyes through a thread lift ANNEMARIE'S HOTSPOTS Favorite addresses where you can enjoy delicious vegan food ANNEMARIE'S LIFESTYLE MEDICINE Reverse diabetes with fork and knife “The SSD Plan saved my life.” ANNEMARIE'S FOODLOG Pretty in pink Chakras & nutrition 6x Age better recipes


  • Annemarie's Health - 1 | Winter 2023

    Annemarie's Health Annemarie's Health - 1 | Winter 2023

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  • Annemarie's Health - 1 | Spring 2022

    Annemarie's Health Annemarie's Health - 1 | Spring 2022

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    magazine about healthy food, a healthy self-image and a conscious lifestyle by bestselling author and nutrition and lifestyle coach Annemarie Postma. In this edition: Column Annemarie: A body to live in - " Food and I go back a long time. When I got a spinal cord injury in 1981 at the age of eleven and ended up in a wheelchair, there was actually no knowledge about the many associated health risks - let alone what the influence of nutrition could be on it. But I was lucky. My mother studied everything about the health dangers of a wheelchair life and took nutrition courses at home and abroad. To ensure that I was as healthy as possible could age with a spinal cord injury and be ahead of serious chronic conditions". Improved sports performance through a plant-based diet - More and more top athletes around the world are making the switch to a full-fledged, plant-based (WFPB) diet. Faster recovery, fewer injuries, more stamina, more flexible blood vessels and less body fat!. No meat athlete (plant-based athletes daily menu) - Plant-based food also reduces inflammation in the body and contains many complex (healthy) carbohydrates, which leads to effective glycogen storage in the liver and muscles. In addition, it ensures a lower fat mass and thus a more favorable body composition for athletes. Well, how do you start then? Well, with this delicious plant-based sports daily menu for example! Shopping page - Shopping in the style of Annemarie Grow old gracefully, age gracefully. How do you do that? - Growing old nicely in this time; it is a quest of many. What can you do to keep your skin tight and fresh for as long as possible? Renowned cosmetic physician Dr. Pamela Willekens catches up with us. “You can largely control skin aging yourself. And with some extra help, we can certainly slow down this process.” Plant-based diet could be the recipe for arthritis - 270,000 Dutch people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. The cause lies mainly in our food choices. The good news is that a plant-based diet can help, according to research. From disability to vitality through nutrition. How Mattie Lageveen (75) Overcame Her Rheumatoid Arthritis - Mattie Lageveen (75) battled crippling pain for years, but everything changed when she started eating plant-based! “I am so happy that I have regained control of my health.” Annemarie's 6 tips for more health - Healthy living really doesn't have to be that difficult. What are Annemarie's 6 best secrets to immediately improve your health? Eating against rheumatism - 5x delicious, effective, summer recipes

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