Met mes en vork diabetes genezen

Cure diabetes with a knife and fork

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Why is a plant-based diet the most effective against diabetes? Why carbohydrates and fewer fats? How do you start? What do you eat or not eat? What are easy and tasty recipes to make? Get to know the scientifically proven success formula The SSD Plan and reverse your type 2 diabetes in a short time!

The SSD Plan saved my life!

Angela (37 years old) fell unconscious from her bicycle at the end of 2022. She had to be urgently admitted to hospital and was found to have extremely high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Her doctor told her to lose weight, but that didn't work. Fortunately, she discovered The SSD Plan.

You turned out to have type 2 diabetes?

"Yes! I was in shock. I also didn't know that high blood pressure is common in people with type 2 diabetes and that diabetes increases the risk of a heart attack, something my doctor said I was close to. I was immediately given metformin, cholesterol lowering drugs and diuretics.”

But things didn't get better after that?

"No. I went on diet after diet but kept gaining weight. Now I know that it was partly due to the medication. I slept poorly, had an increased heart rate and retained an incredible amount of fluid."

Then you came across The SSD Plan?

β€œI had already heard of The SSD Plan and knew a number of people who had improved so much and no longer needed medication. But I kept putting it off. Until one day I thought: I don't want another pill or injection; I want to be healthy!”

Things changed?

β€œI started The SSD Plan at the beginning of April and I immediately improved by leaps and bounds. I lost weight, my bowel movements improved, I could sleep again. I also soon stopped feeling so depressed and my confidence in my body returned.”

And your doctor was surprised?

β€œYes, huge. When I went to my doctor after 3 weeks to discuss my blood test and measure my blood pressure, her jaw dropped. My blood sugar turned out to be normal, my cholesterol was good and my blood pressure had also dropped considerably. I also no longer had an increased heart rate."

How do you like the food?

β€œThe food is really delicious! And it's very satisfying. You don't have to suffer or go hungry. What I really like is the SSD Facebook support group . Here people exchange experiences and recipes and help each other. Very fun and super motivating!”


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