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Annemarie's Health Magazine

Post Covid-19 complaints?

And did you go through a hospital and/or intensive care admission during your corona infection? Then you can come to us for specialist medical rehabilitation.

  • Tailor-made treatment plan
  • Referral from a general practitioner or medical specialist of the hospital
  • You are free of complaints for 48 hours
  • A team of experienced specialists is at your service
  • Rust & ruimte om je plannen uit te werken

Ontdek de kracht van Life Coaching met Annemarie Postma:

Ontdek de kracht van Life Coaching met Annemarie Postma: Top coach, senior experience expert en internationaal bestseller auteur van 22 boeken over zelfontwikkeling en persoonlijke groei.

Wat betekent Lifecoaching voor jou? Stel je voor dat je samen met Annemarie, een ervaren topcoach en bestsellerauteur, je eigen leven onder de loep neemt. Hoe zou het zijn om onder haar begeleiding effectiever, krachtiger en gelukkiger te leven?

Voel jij je weleens overweldigd, vast in een sleur of richtingloos?Herken je dat gevoel? Annemarie's life coaching kan precies de begeleiding en steun bieden die je nodig hebt om weer op het goede spoor te komen. Wat als jouw weg naar succes en persoonlijke groei dichterbij is dan je denkt? Lees meer

  • Transitional power retreat: become yourself again and regain your power!

    Transitional power retreat: become yourself again and regain your power!

    One day retreat

    April 2024

  • Annemarie's choice

    Annemarie's choice

The latest edition of Annemarie's Health is here!

Everything about toxic relationships and menopause! Including, among others

  • Toxic relationships: how do you recognize them and how do you protect yourself?
  • Magnesium: a miracle drug during menopause
      • Happy intestines, happy you: why your intestines are your greatest ally in the fight against menopausal complaints!

      Transitional Power Retreat

      The game changer for every woman with menopausal complaints!

      Picture this: a powerful experience that turns your life upside down. That is what we promise you on this unique day with two power women: mindset & lifestyle mentor Annemarie and Dr. Saskia Rang , gynaecologist, specialized in post menopausal complaints and HRT treatment (Hormone Replacement Therapy). All this in a beautiful location.

      • Book immediately? That's possible here!
      • Date and location will be announced at the end of February. announced.

      The SSD Plan: your path to reversing diabetes

      • Evidence-based: based on the most recent scientific insights.
      • Delicious Annemarie recipes: enjoy tasty meals while transforming your health.
      • Proven formula for success: countless participants achieved impressive results.
      • Ordered before 4:00 PM, delivered tomorrow!

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