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  • Hubner Silicea Vital Shampoo + Biotin 200ML én gratis tijdschrift Annemarie's Health


  • Hubner Original Silicea kollagen plus collageen (60sach) én gratis tijdschrift Annemarie's Health


  • Hubner Original silicea capsules met biotine (30ca) én gratis tijdschrift Annemarie's Health


  • AMICI Sun Brush

    Annemarie's Health AMICI Sun Brush

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    Winner (3rd) of the Dutch Beauty Awards in the Beauty accessories & tools category. AMICI Sun Brush is easy to use, quick to apply and 100% mess-free. Suitable for sensitive skin types and hypoallergenic. Refillable, easy to use and stick-free. The AMICI Sun Brush is a refillable sun care applicator for applying sunscreen to children, toddlers, babies and adults. The brush head has a unique shape that can be easily applied to the face, ears and neck, avoiding the eyes and leaving your hands completely free of sunscreen. No more sticky hands! Simply fill the tube with a sunscreen of your choice, press the button at the bottom and the sunscreen flows from the brush for easy and quick application. The AMICI Sun Brush is designed in such a way that it is also suitable for sandy and wet conditions, such as the beach or the ski slope. The brush head is made of high-quality synthetic fibers and this makes it: gentle enough for sensitive skin hypoallergenic suitable for people with latex allergies safe for people with eczema ideal for people with acne For hygienic purposes, the brush head can be removed for washing. To ensure that your AMICI Sun Brush lasts longer, separate brush heads are available. This will extend the lifespan of your AMICI Sun Brush. Our refillable sunscreen brush, with a capacity of 30 ml, has been specially developed to provide sun protection with your own favorite sunscreen. The ideal travel tube for your daily sun care. Please note: This product is supplied without sunscreen so you can fill it with your sun care of choice. Sunscreen is not supplied with this product. Be sure to read the directions for your sunscreen carefully and always follow sun-safe procedures for safe sun protection.

    12 in stock


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